About heavy vehicle driving

A heavy vehicle driver is a person who makes his living by driving heavy commercials vehicles. All of them hold a truck licence. In some cases they are referred to truckers. These drivers provide a number of important services to individuals and also business organizations. For example they help in ensuring that materials, goods and services are transported from one place to another. This they do by facilitating their transportation within states and also across different states. The kind of goods that they transport varies for instance there are those that distribute finished goods to different locations where they are needed. In some instances, they transport raw materials as in the case with heavy vehicle drivers in the mines. The good, materials and services are transported to various distributions, production and even retail centers. Click here for more information about heavy vehicle driving.

The heavy commercials drivers are of different types. The differences are as a result of the nature of work they do, the distances that they cover, the type of licences that they hold and area of operation. There are heavy vehicle drivers who cover large distances such as transporting goods and materials across different states borders, while there are those who operate the heavy vehicles just within the confines of a company. Good examples of this are the drivers who operate cranes and other mining machines. Another distinction of heavy vehicle drivers is with regard to the licence that they hold. Depending on the number of driving experience that a trucker has, he or she might hold a Class C, Light Rigid, Medium rigid or Hr licence.

When it comes to the nature of the drivers, heavy vehicle operators fall under one of these three categories. They can be company drivers, independent truck owners or they could be owner operated truckers. In case a driver is working under the terms and pay role, then he or she is said to be a company driver. The company could for instance be a cargo clearing and forwarding agency. If the driver of the truck is the owner of the truck, and he or she does the actual hauling of the goods then he or she is said to be an independent truck owner. In other cases, freight companies could contract heavy vehicle owners to facilitate the shipping of goods and materials. In this case the truckers are said to be owner operated.

For a person to become a heavy vehicle driver he or she has to have a driver’s licence. There are different categories of mr truck licence and they mainly issued on the basis of driving years and experience. The common thing about these licences is that a trucker needs to make an application before he or she can be issued with one. Secondly a person needs to have held a previous licence for a stated period and they should have attained a defined age limit before they can make a licence application. For instance before a driver can apply for either the LC or the MR licence he or she must have held the Class C licence for at least more than a year and should be at least eighteen years.